dp pumps Australia supplies water pumps to many industries including building water supply, town water, OEM manufacturers of water treatment and waste water system, boiler feed and hot water circulation. We supply water pumps for mining camps, hospital, factories and general transfer applications. Our range of pumps covers most applications where water, sewage or storm water needs to be moved.

Duijvelaar Pumps (dp pumps) have supplied pumps into the Australian market for many years, we build, design and supply pressure booster sets for many applications. Whether it be high rise, town water supply, motels and resorts or commercial playing fields, we design pump stations to suit. The dp range of pumps have expanded to 30 lps (DPVF85 range) and we can design pump sets with up to six units. For larger applications we use end suction pumps or Saer  horizontal multistage pumps. All pumps can be controlled by VFD’s or soft starters.

Mine dewatering is a large part of our business, with underground submersible pumps being a speciality of our staff. We supply and stock a large range of submersible pumps and motors for many applications.    

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