Submersible Borehole Pumps

We import, stock and supply a full range of submersible borehole pumps for irrigation and water supply. We have pumps for applications for watering small blocks of land or filling a tank to large flood irrigation pumps with diameters up to 14inch. We supply pumps and motors in many different materials like 304 and 316 stainless steel, cast iron, marine bronze and duplex stainless steel.

We supply stainless steel submersible bore pumps in various sizes from 100gph to 80,000 gph, for stock watering, water supply, spray lines, travelling irrigators or centre pivot irrigation. Our submersible pumps are made and designed to suit all applications. The correct controls and not oversizing the design is important when designing underground submersible pumps.

We supply many of our pumps under pontoons or installed in water tanks. Our submersibles can be installed vertical, on an angle or laid horizontal. We design shrouds for applications to achieve the correct motor cooling for the motors.

Centrifugal Pumps

We supply a range of vertical multistage or end suction pumps for irrigation applications. Drawing water from a dam, river, water tank or boosting water from existing mainline supply, can all be designed by us. Designing the complete system and correct pump selection is important for the application.

We can supply surface mounted split case , end suction, vertical and horizontal multistage with electric motor or diesel engine drives. We can supply pumps seperately or built up on skids with protection controls.


Golf Course

We stock, design and manufacture a range of pumps for commercial turf irrigation. When a system design is completed, a design flow rate is supplied to us, we design a pumping system to suit the duty point. Most irrigation systems will have varying duties and we design a complete pump system to cover all flow rates.

Single pump and multiple pump design is our speciality. We design system from 10 lpm up to 200lps with varying pressures. A single set can be controlled by pressure switch, digital pressure readings, flow meter or constant pressure via variable frequency drive (VFD). We designs and drawings of all our common sets and can also specially design pipework and control panels to suit all applications.

Submersible pumps can also be used in boreholes, dams, installed in water tanks or used in line for pressure boosting. We supply submersible pumps with VFD’s to irrigate sporting fields, golf courses, green areas around building and municipal gardens.